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What’s up?!

16 Oct 2011

So, I have been a little absent for a while, and I have not even been working on my game, BUT I have been having a lot of fun playing the Binding of Isaac, and recorded some videos, you can watch here: Playlist I have also been worked on an arcade game, which name must still be though, but it may bee “Grav”.

It’s inspired on Gravitron, a part of VVVVVV, a nice game I played a while. I’m uploading the video to the internet so I have something to show, you can also check these picks:

  • pic
  • pic
  • pic
  • pic

Other than that I have been really busy with my studies and other stuff, I must say things are getting harder!

I don’t think I’m going to advance very much KdD while I’m evelopping this arcade game, but it shouldn’t take a lot of time, it will simply have a Classic mode and an extended mode, with different sequences, slow time custom levels (larger too or samller!) etc.

I will post it here when I’m done or even when I have some playable alpha!

Here is the video:

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