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18 Jun 2013


As you surely know VVVVVV is a well known retro platformer game where you cannot jump but you can inverse the gravity.

Well this is mostly like an Asian playing Gravitron, I really recommend you to play the game, it’s really fun, specially the Super Gravitron in the Secret Labs. And Well, that’s why I decided, a year ago, to code this clone. I wanted to add more posssibilities to the game, and making it more even more fun.


I already posted about this game many times, you can found the posts about it in the same category Grav but I still need to port them from my old blog. Well the idea is quite simple, just a Super Gravitron clone with better controls and more modes. As I said I never ended it… Some days ago I decided to work a bit on the game. I spent like 2 hours cleaning up the warnings I left behind me and changing the SFML2 calls. But it worked quite well…

The game still have crashes and bugs but I would like to make it a bit playable and release the non finished version. After that I’ll work again on Kill da Ducks which is quite more interesting to me.

For the moment here is a video showing a bit of it.

I won’t publish the code of the project because it’s bacically a big big shit. It’s so dirty I won’t share it even if I got paid for it. And as you can see the game is not always smooth, surely because I did some shit and it lags when there is the recording software running too…

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