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Git Flow aliases

05 Jan 2016

I recently started using git-flow which is an utility that makes it really easy nvie’s branching model

The branching model is well explained in his blog. If you’ve never heard about it, I really recommend you to read it.

About git-flow itself, there is a nicely done cheatsheet here

If you’re on a mac you can install it with brew

brew install git-flow

This also downloads the completion files. Which are in my opinion really useful when you start using a tool


However we can bring it to the next level by setting up some aliases. This takes very little time and saves you some keystrokes everyday. I couldn’t find any so I created my own:

alias gf='git-flow'
alias gfi='git-flow init'
alias gfid='git-flow init -d'

alias gff='git-flow feature'
alias gffv='git-flow feature -v'
alias gffco='git-flow feature checkout'
alias gffd='git-flow feature diff'
alias gfff='git-flow feature finish'
alias gffp='git-flow feature publish'
alias gffl='git-flow feature pull'
alias gffr='git-flow feature rebase'
alias gffs='git-flow feature start'
alias gfft='git-flow feature track'

alias gfr='git-flow release'
alias gfrv='git-flow release -v'
alias gfrf='git-flow release finish'
alias gfrp='git-flow release publish'
alias gfrs='git-flow release start'
alias gfrt='git-flow release track'

alias gfh='git-flow hotfix'
alias gfhv='git-flow hotfix -v'
alias gfhf='git-flow hotfix finish'
alias gfhp='git-flow hotfix publish'
alias gfhs='git-flow hotfix start'

Do you have any more aliases you use everyday?

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