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New URL:

11 Jul 2013

For some reason I wanted to have my own URL, it’s nice to have as URL but having a .com, .net, .org is even better!

I searched for some Domain sellers with nice prices and found this one: Namecheap. I found the prices to be good enough to be worth so I searched some coupons codes (Because I saw a Coupon Code option while I was purchasing) and got around 1$ reduction. It costed around 8€.

Then I needed to go through 2 easy steps of configuration:

  • Add a CNAME file to my blog repo (the one I push to github, this one with my new URL, in this case It must be added without the http:// and you must be sure that your URL doesn’t start by www, otherwhise the www must be added too:
echo "" > CNAME
git add CNAME
git commit -m "New URL for my Blog"
git push origin master
  • Finally you must configure the URL to point to gihub servers. For Namecheap I needed to go to URL Forwarding and then change the existing values as follows:


Always as A records (the type!).

Then it takes quite a bit for the changes to be effectives, so be patient, it took 20 minutes for me.

I hope this helps someone someday!

A bit more

If you want to have something like pointing to the blog you should add it in All Host Records section as a subdomain. Make it point to the same adress and you’re done.

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