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Configure Script

18 Aug 2013

Configure script

This script generate a Makefile with the right dependencies for each file that need to be compiled. It also checks for any dos file and convert it to unix if the option -a is used. pic


Here is the help, you can get it aswell by passing the -h option


./ [-hfDa] [-s src-dir] [-o obj-dir] [-b bin-dir]
               [-c compiler] [-O "compiler options"] [-L link-dirs]
               [-l lib] [-I include-dir] [-M Makefile-name]
               [-e file-extension] [-E executable-name]

-h Show this help.

-D Supress the default options for -L,-I and -O

-a Automatic conversion of file in dos format to unix format. This option uses d

-C No colors.

-f Forces the creation of the Makefile when it already exists without doing any verification.

Running without arguments is equivalent to this:

./ -D -s src -o obj -b bin -c "xcrun clang++"
               -O "-Wall -Wextra -O2 -std=c++11 -stdlib=libc++"
               -Isrc -L/usr/local/lib -e cpp -E main -M Makefile

Source Code

Get the source code here

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